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Ancient knowledge, modern media, vitalizing an endangered oral language and culture, the film is a discovery journey of a well-educated man returning to his village roots for wisdom and identity. In a remote Indonesian pearl diving community, elders share ancient self-governance teachings despite centuries of colonialism. Tambaroro Laut, an all-night festival of spiritual ecology, launches the pearl oyster and sea cucumber harvest in the Aru Islands. TAMBARORO introduces Gwatle language and culture to the world celebrating human diversity.
Every teaching is put into a song.
It reminds us of how to live, because the world is dry”.

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Research outputs for the public make results relevant for communities.

“Most old people are concerned about the Gwatle language existence are very grateful that the information in the book will be passed on to the next generation. They never imagined that their sea knowledge could be illustrated well in a book.”

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Academic Publishing

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